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Blueprint Design

We provide high quality, comprehensive irrigation design while keeping in mind water conservation, watering requirements specific to plant material, budgetary requirements and the overall goal of our client. At Texas Environmental Irrigation Design, it is our goal to provide our client's with concise, organized, accurate and easy to navigate irrigation plans that allow for the most sustainable and efficient irrigation system to be installed for each project.  Our experience includes designing irrigation plans for residential, commercial, residential and multi-family developments, and industrial properties.  Each project has different goals for water management. To achieve these goals, we can employ a variety of methods including standard irrigation design, 2-wire irrigation design, reclaimed water management, and LEED certified irrigation design. 

Startup Room

Our irrigation consulting services provide our client's with irrigation plan reviews, existing site reviews, and/or water audits.  After a proper analysis is performed, we use the data collected to identify existing deficiencies in design or construction. We then provide a report that defines the necessary recommendations to increase the system's functionality, efficiency, and water conservancy.

Water Sprinkler

While conducting our construction administration services, we work in unison with the client and irrigation installation contractor to ensure the irrigation system is installed per plan using the correct methods and materials as specified. This service includes pre-bid conferencing with the client, attending bid meetings as needed, consulting with the client when choosing an irrigation installation contractor, site visits during installation, punch-list development and a final site visit to establish substantial completion. Our goal as the construction administrator is to reduce the stresses associated with irrigation installation and to ensure that the irrigation system is installed per plan and is functioning at its most optimal ability.



Water is such an important resource in every aspect of our lives, and it is our duty to use it responsibly in order to conserve it for future generations.  At Texas Environmental Irrigation Design we believe that we can help conserve water and provide our client's with environmentally friendly irrigation systems that efficiently provides their landscapes with the proper amount of water, while reducing water wastes caused by poor planning and improper scheduling.  We are also passionate about fostering a relationship with our clients that encourages communication and collaboration among everyone involved in the project.  With the goals of providing our clients with the most environmentally friendly and efficient system intertwined with clear communication and collaboration, we are able to provide our client's with the highest quality designs and services.



Brandalann Bruno is a Licensed Irrigation Designer who earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Texas A&M University. Prior to becoming an irrigator, Brandalann was in education where she taught high school biology and held leadership rolls including skills specialist, intervention specialist and department chair in her school district. After a decade of working with and helping people in the education realm, she decided to pursue another career where she could apply her interest in environmental consciousness, problem solving and communication, which lead her to irrigation design and consultation. Since becoming a licensed irrigator with the State of Texas, she has spent her time accumulating a variety of experiences including designing larger residential developments, commercial business parks, industrial warehouses, LEED certified projects and residential irrigation designs.  It is Brandalann’s passion to provide her clients with the best possible product and to ensure a smooth process in client communication in order to meet their needs.

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